• alberta innovates

    Alberta Innovates

    Innovation in Action. Alberta Innovates solves some of the biggest industry challenges in our province and supports the growth of business while stimulating the start-up community to build new technology and drive new ideas.

  • flocculation method alberta innovates


    2011-06-09· A method is taught for producing freely draining flocculated sediment from a suspension comprising finely divided solids in water. The method comprises dispersing, at increasing concentrations, a charged particle hybrid polymer (CPHP) flocculant into the suspension to determine a minimum concentration of CPHP flocculant above which a freely draining flocculated sediment is produced that

  • alberta spor support unit services alberta innovates

    Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit services Alberta Innovates

    The Alberta SPOR Support Unit services Starting May 1, 2019 the new application process for requesting AbSPORU Services and Letter of Support can be found below. Registration is

  • cancer prevention research opportunity alberta innovates

    Cancer Prevention Research Opportunity Alberta Innovates

    Back to all Programs. This Cancer Prevention Research Opportunity (CPRO) enables a group of interdisciplinary individuals, working in cancer prevention research, to use a collaborative approach in the creation of new knowledge in cancer prevention and screening as well as moving knowledge and evidence into use in the health system, in communities and workplaces and in the daily lives of

  • alberta innovates spor

    Alberta Innovates SPOR

    The Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit is jointly funded by Alberta Innovates and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Summer Institute Join us for Summer Institute 2020 in Calgary, Alberta

  • alberta innovates business plan 2018-21


    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY . Alberta Innovates (AI) became a single entity on November 1, 2016. Our path to this business plan was preceded by a period of transition, during which we focused primarily on key integration activities and operational goals in

  • patents assigned to alberta innovates-technology futures

    Patents Assigned to Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures

    Abstract: An aircraft anti-icing composition is provided comprising a freezing point depressant and a thickener comprising nanocrystalline cellulose. A thickening composition is also provided comprising nanocrystalline cellulose. Also taught is the use of nanocrystalline cellulose in the manufacture of an anti-icing composition and the use of nanocrystalline cellulose in a thickening composition.

  • alberta innovates graduate student scholarship faculty

    Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship Faculty

    The Alberta Advanced Education, in partnership with Alberta Innovates invests in the support of academically superior graduate students undertaking full-time research education at an Alberta university, leading to a research-based Master’s or Doctoral degree. For health-related programs, please

  • aice market access alberta innovates

    AICE Market Access Alberta Innovates

    If you require assistance locating a partner, please contact Alberta Innovates for advisory support. Funding. We will contribute 50% of total eligible project costs up to $300,000 CAD per Project, over a maximum term of 24 months. What to expect. SMEs who participate in AICE Market Access can expect the following outcomes:

  • us20110135797a1 flocculation method google patents

    US20110135797A1 Flocculation method Google Patents

    US20110135797A1 US12/858,758 US85875810A US2011135797A1 US 20110135797 A1 US20110135797 A1 US 20110135797A1 US 85875810 A US85875810 A US 85875810A US 2011135797 A1 US2011135797 A

  • physical and chemical treatment of oil sands process

    Physical and Chemical Treatment of Oil Sands Process

    from the University of Alberta and Mr. Philip Chong from Alberta Innovates Technology Futures for their help on sample analyses. I am very grateful for sponsors of this research, including Alberta Water Research Institute, the Helmholtz-Alberta Initiative, and a Natural Sciences and

  • ross s. chow alberta innovates, edmonton oil and gas

    Ross S. Chow Alberta Innovates, Edmonton Oil and Gas

    Alberta Innovates · Oil and Gas. 22.33 Flocculation method. Patent. Jun 2011; Haihong Li. Zhiang Zhou. Ross S. Chow. Pablo Contreras . A charged particle polymer hybrid (CPPH) flocculant is

  • alberta carbon conversion technology centre officially

    Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre officially

    2018-05-25· Calgary, Alberta, Canada InnoTech Alberta, an applied research subsidiary of Alberta Innovates, today announced the official opening of the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre (ACCTC). InnoTech Alberta is the owner and operator of this pioneering clean technology centre. Users of the ACCTC will test and advance carbon dioxide (CO 2) capture and conversion technologies that

  • curriculum vitae university of alberta

    CURRICULUM VITAE University of Alberta

    polymer flocculation of oil sands mature fine tailings: A population balance model approach. Chem Eng J 2018. 5. FL Motta, R Gaikwad, L Botha, JBP Soares. Quantifying the effect of polyacrylamide dosage, Na+, Ca2+ concentrations, and clay particle size on the flocculation of mature fine tailings with robust statistical methods. Colloid

  • training & education in research alberta health services

    Training & Education in Research Alberta Health Services

    Courses are available for AHS staff through MyLearningLink. Persons not employed by AHS may take the training course through Alberta Innovates ARECCI Training Opportunities. Level 1 (Basic) Project Ethics Course: How to identify, minimize and mitigate risks in all knowledge-generating projects that do not require a Research Ethics Board Review.

  • ross tsuyuki university of alberta

    Ross Tsuyuki University of Alberta

    His work has garnered more than $54 million in funding, including support from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy Innovation Fund, Sanofi-Aventis Canada Inc., Alberta Innovates, and the University Hospital Foundation- servier Alberta Innovation in Health Fund.

  • alberta innovates plainsite.org

    Alberta Innovates plainsite.org

    Alberta Innovates's PlainSite profile, including litigation, intellectual property, public records and more. Alberta Innovates's PlainSite profile, including litigation, intellectual property, public records and more. Alberta Innovates United States. No tags have been applied so far. Sign in to add some. Profile: Documents (0) Dockets (0) Attorneys (8) Related (0) Patent Assignments (633

  • phase diagrams for asphaltene and asphaltene-rich

    Phase Diagrams for Asphaltene and Asphaltene-Rich

    mixtures is explored. For both mixtures critical points associated with depletion flocculation and depletion re-stabilization are identified on closed loop two-phase to one-phase boundaries. The experimental methods, phase boundaries, tie lines and fluid-fluid critical points are presented and discussed. We show that X-ray transmission is more

  • flocculation method patent europe pmc


    A method is taught for producing freely draining flocculated sediment from a suspension comprising finely divided solids in water.The method comprises dispersing, at increasing concentrations, a charged particle hybrid polymer (CPHP) flocculant into the suspension to determine a minimum concentration of CPHP flocculant above which a freely draining flocculated sediment is produced that has a

  • flocculation-assisted dewatering of fluid fine tailings

    Flocculation-Assisted Dewatering of Fluid Fine Tailings

    The ongoing generation of mature fine tailings (MFT) or fluid fine tailings (FFT) from surface mining activities of the oil sands industry in Canada has been a contentious issue for many years.

  • funding innotech alberta

    Funding InnoTech Alberta

    Alberta Innovates has a variety of technologies available for licensing. We will work with companies, from small to large, to set up mutually beneficial licensing deals. Our licensing opportunities are the result of InnoTech Alberta’s world-renowned applied research programs. With more than 90 years in applied research and development

  • services method

    Services METHOD

    SERVICES. METHOD offers dozens of standalone services that clients can utilize to bring their most challenging ideas to life. Regardless of the nature of the project, our highly skilled design, engineering and manufacturing experts work together to develop a strategy that will push the limits of production.

  • ahs strategy for clinical health research, innovation

    AHS Strategy for Clinical Health Research, Innovation

    Alberta’s front-line health professionals rely on research and innovation to deliver better quality, better outcomes, and better value to patients. Alberta Health Services plays a crucial role in fostering those improvements by enabling researchers and innovators to develop and apply solutions to

  • prion


    The program is designed to encourage collaboration within Alberta and between Alberta-based investigators and researchers outside of Alberta. The team of researchers must be from at least two different research institutions. The Alberta Prion Research Institute provides up to $750,000 for a team grant over a maximum of three years.

  • research team university of alberta

    Research Team University of Alberta

    is an Associate Professor in the Physics Department at the University of Alberta, a NINT Fellow, an Alberta Innovates Strategic Chair, an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, a 2016 NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement awardee, the 2016 Petro-Canada

  • enhanced primary treatment of bypass wastewater using

    Enhanced Primary Treatment of Bypass Wastewater Using

    Engineering at the University of Alberta. X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) analysis was done in Alberta Innovates Technology Futures. Chapter 3 of this thesis has been submitted to Journal of Environmental Management as “Elnakar, H. and Buchanan, I.: The role of mixing in potassium ferrate(VI)

  • alberta’s nutrition report card apccp

    Alberta’s Nutrition Report Card APCCP

    Alberta’s 2019 Nutrition Report Card on Food Environments for Children and Youth. Alberta’s 2019 Nutrition Report Card is the fifth annual assessment of how Alberta’s current food environments and nutrition policies support or create barriers to improving children’s eating behaviours.

  • glossary: aihs research alberta alberta innovates

    Glossary: AIHS Research Alberta Alberta Innovates

    Alberta Cancer Clinical Trials; Alberta Cancer Research Ethics Committee; Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute; Alberta Clinical Research Consortium; Alberta Health Services; Alberta Innovates; Alberta Research Ethics Community Consensus Initiative; Alberta-specific terminology; Alpha Error; Alpha-testing; Amendment; American National

  • tailings management canada’s oil sands innovation

    Tailings Management Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation

    COSIA and Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions (AI-EES) recently released a Tailings Technology Roadmap and Action Plan Project, a collaboration that also involved Alberta Energy, Natural Resources Canada, Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development and the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board. This plan

  • about us innovate bc

    About Us Innovate BC

    About Innovate BC. Helping industries grow. Every day, we at Innovate BC come to work to serve and celebrate innovation A new method, idea or product. in British Columbia, helping our industries grow, while ensuring the benefits of our thriving technology Science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools. sector are felt by people in all regions of our province.

  • flocculation of bacteria by depletion interactions due

    Flocculation of bacteria by depletion interactions due

    Bacterial flocculation was observed at the CNC concentration of less than 0.1% due to the depletion effect. We conclude from our results that rod shaped nanoparticles are very effective for the depletion flocculation of colloidal size bacteria and that phase separation of bacteria can occur at very low concentrations of rodlike CNC particles.

  • micro-voucher, voucher and product demonstration

    Micro-Voucher, Voucher and Product Demonstration

    Micro-Voucher, Voucher and Product Demonstration Programs Alberta Innovates • Applies only to: Alberta This program could help your Alberta-based business to commercialize its

  • list of public agencies alberta.ca

    List of public agencies Alberta.ca

    Learn more about Alberta's public agencies, including board composition, enabling legislation, remuneration, appointment method and more. To see the list of appointees made by the government to all public agencies, see the current appointees page.

  • alberta innovates technology futures, patent


    View ALBERTA INNOVATES TECHNOLOGY FUTURES's, EDMONTON ALBERTA, patent portfolio profile on Patent Buddy. Patent Buddy is the world's most extensive database and networking website for patent attorneys, agents and inventors helping inventors like ALBERTA INNOVATES TECHNOLOGY FUTURES showcase inventions and connect to patent attorneys, patent agents, law firms,

  • water soluble polymer flocculants: synthesis

    Water Soluble Polymer Flocculants: Synthesis

    of Alberta under the supervision of Professor João Soares. His research focuses on studying polymer microstructure–flocculation performance relationships, flocculation modeling, and reaction engineering of water-soluble polymers. He obtained his M.E.Sc. in chemical engineering from the Western University, Canada and B.Sc. from the Sharif

  • coagulation/flocculation process with polyaluminum

    Coagulation/flocculation process with polyaluminum

    2015-09-01· This study investigated the application of polyaluminum chloride (PACl) for the treatment of the oil sands process-affected water (OSPW). These coagulants are commonly used in water treatment with the most effective species reported to be Al 13.PACl with 83.6% Al 13 was synthesized using the slow base titration method and compared with a commercially available PACl in terms of aluminum

  • in situ extraction oil sands alberta's energy heritage

    In Situ Extraction Oil Sands Alberta's Energy Heritage

    A cross-section of the Cold Lake area deposit shows the depth of the oil sands layer that makes the bitumen in this deposit recoverable only through in situ extraction methods. Source: Courtesy of Alberta Innovates. Great Canadian Oil Sands Ltd. begins production.

  • arecci screening tool

    ARECCI Screening Tool

    A pRoject Ethics Community Consensus Initiative (ARECCI) (formerly The Alberta Research Ethics Community Consensus Initiative), an initiative of Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS) (formerly the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research), developed this four-step, web-based ARECCI Ethics Screening Tool to provide practical

  • home acpcrio cumming school of medicine

    Home ACPCRIO Cumming School of Medicine

    ACP CRIO was a knowledge translation research program funded by Alberta Innovates from April 2013 to September 2019, under the Collaborative Research and Innovation Opportunities (CRIO) program. Partnering with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Covenant Health, we studied the AHS-led implementation of a provincial policy on Advance Care

  • energy wars oil sands alberta's energy heritage

    Energy Wars Oil Sands Alberta's Energy Heritage

    Source: Courtesy of Alberta Innovates. Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority (AOSTRA) formally opens its Underground Test Facility to field test in situ oil sands mining theory including the industry-changing Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage method (SAGD). A diagram of AOSTRA’s Underground Test Facility operations Source

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