• world’s first international centre of mining

    World’s first International Centre of MINING

    The International Centre of Excellence on Coal Mine Methane in Poland was officially launched today, representing a milestone as the first of its kind in the industry.

  • open pit mines maccaferri china

    Open Pit Mines Maccaferri China

    Open Pit Mines Maccaferri effective solutions for steeply sloped mines . An opencast or open-pit mine is used to extract valuable deposits close to the earth’s surface.

  • wanbao mining business & human rights resource centre

    Wanbao Mining Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

    2018-03-31· Response by Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited. Author: Wanbao Mining...With regard to local resident relocation and land expropriations, Myanmar Wanbao by now has extended 12.36 billion kyats in three rounds providing to the local residents who are impacted by Letpadung Copper Project for their compensation and...

  • chinese cmec starts expansion works at serbia's drmno

    Chinese CMEC starts expansion works at Serbia's Drmno

    DRMNO China Engineering Machinery Corporation (CMEC) on Monday began assembling modern mining equipment at a mine here in order to increase its production for the Electric Power Industry of

  • teleoperation of a highwall mining system

    Teleoperation of a Highwall Mining System

    Teleoperation of a Highwall Mining System By August J. Kwitowski, Albert L. Brautigam, and Michael C. Leigh or OF UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR BUREAU OF MINES . 10 An audio system was included to enhance the operator's perception of the mining machine-site interface during operation of the TSCM. Initially, a pair of dynamic crophones was chosen. The microphones were

  • komag institute of mining technology

    KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology

    KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology MISSION. Innovative solutions for economy. VISION. Research and development centre of organizational and proprietary structure adapted to the market activity in the European Research Area and of the organizational culture creating a friendly climate for generating new ideas and realizing innovative activities, i.e. transforming new ideas into new products

  • announcement unaudited interim results for the six months

    Announcement Unaudited Interim Results for the Six Months

    Announcement . Unaudited Interim Results for the Six Months Ended 30 June 2016 . The board of directors (the “Board”) of Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.* (the “Company”) is pleased to announce the unaudited interim results of the Company and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) for the six months

  • the world’s longest burning fires: china's unseen story

    The world’s longest burning fires: China's unseen story

    2013-08-19· While 80% of China’s carbon emissions come from burning coal, the amount of those emissions from underground coal fires is miniscule in comparison with the output of the country’s coal-fired power plants, which generate twice as many CO2 emissions as the United States’. On top of that, “there are cheaper ways to cut emissions” than

  • evaporites through time: tectonic, climatic and eustatic

    Evaporites through time: Tectonic, climatic and eustatic

    By definition, for an evaporite salt to precipitate, liquid water loss from a brine mass must exceed inflow and the brine concentration process should be driven by solar evaporation (Warren, 2006).Throughout time, evaporite salts have accumulated on the floors of standing brine lakes or seaways, in nearsurface pore throats, and as capillary efflorescences atop exposed arid landsurfaces.

  • pécs-vasas, pécs, baranya county, hungary

    Pécs-Vasas, Pécs, Baranya County, Hungary

    Pécs-Vasas, Pécs, Baranya County, Hungary : Coal mine with great open pit located near Köves Hill. Abandoned in 2004. Since then several parts of the dumps are burning due to spontaneous combustion. Type locality of the

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